Thursday, November 30, 2023
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“Illegal dumping continues to be a problem in the forest. We go in each year with teams of volunteers and clean up “hot spots” identified by the Forest Service, Leon County Sheriff’s Department, and forest user groups,” said community volunteer Sharon Gray.

Year after year, organizations and community volunteers come out to participate in the Forest Cleanup. The groups include; Southern Trail Riders, Tallahassee Off Road Club, Capital City Jeepers, FL 4 x 4, Florida Trail Association, Tallahassee Fellowship Church, Tallahassee Mountain Bike Club, Tallahassee OHV, Dirt Dads, Kyle’s and Forest Edge Neighborhood.

Without strong support from the Leon County Office of Sustainability, the cleanup would not be possible. Leon County Public Works, Solid Waste Division, assists with appropriate sorting and proper disposal of the trash collected.

Volunteers pickup typical roadside litter as well as address serious dump sites including everything from tires to shingles to electronics to mattresses. There is a site needing attention appropriate for all volunteers. If not familiar with the forest, volunteers are matched with groups that know the forest. Please see “What to Expect” tab for more information.